We advise you to visit your doctor one more time to inform him/her of the start of the training programme you are about to start in preparation for the Event.

We advise all runners, especially those over 35 years of age, smokers, former smokers, overweight people, and individuals with a history of heart conditions, to undergo medical tests prior to entering the Event. After the necessary medical tests are carried out, your doctor will provide you with instructions adapted to your personal needs and abilities, which you will have to follow carefully.

Consistent Training

Once your doctor has approved your participation, it is very important that you do not overdo it by following very rigorous training programmes. Your training should increase gradually so that you minimize the risk of suffering from intense pain and fatigue. Try to change up your routine and add variety to it to ensure you do not get injured, a situation which will make your training even more difficult.

Keep Training

Starting off well is the best and most efficient way to build a good physical condition. Join other runners in your area and share your training programme, your progress, and your goals, especially on those cold winter mornings or the days when the weather is not on your side.

Define your goals

Whatever is your level of experience in road running, you should set goals and targets for yourself, make sure you are training towards something so that you can motivate yourself and add value and meaning to your training programme. Defining the details of each goal in particular will mean defining the quantity and quality of the training required to achieve that goal and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Set short term goals

If the Kallithea Half Marathon is your final goal, then it shouldn’t be your first race. Train and race in other smaller events so that you monitor your progress and keep your fitness at a high level.

Become friends with other runners

Do not train alone! Find other runners who are preparing to race in the same event or join a runners’ team in your area. In that way, you will encourage each other, you will set mutual training goals, and, of course, you will enjoy the benefits of a support network.